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  • Asociación Amigos del MALBA

    Asociación Amigos del MALBA

    MALBA Amigos is a nonprofit that since the birth of the museum contributes -through the sale of memberships and organization of events- with the consolidation and growth of the institution.The generous support of MALBA Amigos has been invested in buying furniture for the area of ​​inclusive education. It has also helped deve...

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  • Asociación Amigos del Museo de Arte Moderno

    Asociación Amigos del Museo de Arte Moderno

    The Asociación Amigos del Museo de Arte Moderno (AAMAM) works directly with the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, to enable the realization of exhibitions, special fundraising events, guided tours, and lectures. It also promotes the growth of memberships, and provides partial administrative support to the general operation of ...

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  • Biblioteca Popular San AntoniO

    Biblioteca Popular San AntoniO

    Biblioteca Popular San Antonio works for the community development of Pirané, Formosa. This organization works for the improvement of living conditions of the local population, from a cultural, social and economic perspective.

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  • Civil Association Vergel

    Civil Association Vergel

    Vergel is an NGO that works to interweave art, health and education. Through the implementation of artistic programs, training, research and communication actions, we promote the importance of art as a complementary tool to medical treatments, for a holistic and humanized approach to health.

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  • Friend Association of the National Museum of Fine Arts

    Friend Association of the National Museum of Fine Arts

    We are the Friends Association of the National Museum of Fine Arts. We support the museum with the most relevant European and Argentinean art collection in Latin America. Throughout the development of our community program we contribute to education, integration and social welfare. We are a non-profit organization with 87 ye...

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  • Fundación arteBA

    Fundación arteBA

    We are a not for profit non-governmental organization founded in 1991 that works to develop and strengthen the art market • by motivating and promoting contemporary art production, • professionalizing the various actors in the art world, • building bridges to the international community, • attracting and committing a...

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  • Fundación Casa Rafael

    Fundación Casa Rafael

    Betting on the transforming power of art, Casa Rafael promotes a process of resilience in some 230 children aged 4 to18 years who are exposed to psychosocial risks in a conflictive area of La Boca (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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  • Fundación Costantini- MALBA

    Fundación Costantini- MALBA

    Malba - Fundación Costantini, Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, was founded in September 2001 by the Eduardo F. Costantini Foundation, with the goal of collecting, preserving, studying and promoting Latin American art from the early 20th century up to the present. It is a private, non-profit institution that preserv...

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  • Fundación FILBA

    Fundación FILBA

    Fundación Filba seeks to generate reading habits in the most diverse publics and offer meeting points around literature, maintaining the importance of reading as a link of social and cultural integration.

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  • Fundación León

    Fundación León

    To live 100 years. Created in 2003, Fundación León is a tribute to Mr. León Feler, an Argentine entrepreneur who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. In the 70s, Don León started to volunteer anonymously in one of the public hospitals of Tucumán, Argentina. Fundación León seeks to spread and promote Feler’s life exam...

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