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  • Fundación Obras de San José

    Fundación Obras de San José

    We are a foundation with the purposes of receiving homeless men or in extreme poverty, helping them to fulfill some of their survival needs while offering the opportunity to participate in experiences of human growth oriented towards their social promotion.

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  • Fundación Observatorio Social

    Fundación Observatorio Social

    The Social Observatory Civil Association was created in 1999, with the purpose of supporting the public sector to improve the administration of its social programs and advising companies and civil society organizations to solve problems related to social issues.Since then, we have worked in several Latin American countries, in A...

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  • Fundación Rumbos

    Fundación Rumbos

    We are inviting those interested in working on concrete housing problems, in learning about the obstacles that need to be addressed, and in coming up with strategies to surmount them. We are currently training our first volunteers.

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  • Fundación Tierras Patagónicas

    Fundación Tierras Patagónicas

    We promote the conservation of the Patagonian environment by bringing together individuals and local communities through communication, education, and collaborative work on common issues. We have established our Logistics Support Brigade for Forest Fires, and from our Operations Base, we conduct monitoring, surveying, mapping, r...

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  • Fundación Vida Sin Violencia

    Fundación Vida Sin Violencia

    Through an interdisciplinary team we seek to protect the physical integrity of the family and initiate a process of recovery from the exposure to violence.

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  • Good Samaritan Hospice

    Good Samaritan Hospice

    Good Samaritan Hospice provides Comprehensive Hospice care, free of charge, for people in need. We provide medical and sanitary care, as well as social and psychological support. Taking care of every aspect of the person. For them and their family

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  • Haciendo Camino

    Haciendo Camino

    Since 2006, the non-profit civil association Haciendo Camino has been working towards the improvement of the life quality of socially vulnerable families in Argentina.Our programs are mainly aimed to: • promote the growth and comprehensive development of children between 0 and 5 years of age; • accompany and train mothers ...

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  • Hogar Maria Luisa

    Hogar Maria Luisa

    María Luisa is a foster care home that houses children whose rights have been violated, taking charge of their custody and education, so that they can be restored to a suitable family environment.

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  • ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

    ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

    Engineering Without Borders Argentina is an interdisciplinary civil association that works for the community development of populations in situations of social vulnerability in different parts of the country through the design and implementation of participatory management engineering projects and the generation of alliances bet...

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  • Las Lomas Oral

    Las Lomas Oral

    The Colegio Las Lomas Oral is an independent, not-for-profit school that provides educational services to children with hearing loss from birth to early elemental years.

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