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  • Fundación Bunge y Born

    Fundación Bunge y Born

    The Fundación Bunge y Born focuses on the development of new, scalable and evidence-based solutions to contribute to the well-being of individuals and the society at large.

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  • Fundación Camino a Jericó

    Fundación Camino a Jericó

    Camino a Jerico's mission is to assist, accompany and encourage adult men and women who are either homeless or in a state of neglect to recover and rebuild their lives with dignity through care in transitional homes, involvement in craft workshops, and accommodation in low cost housing units

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  • Fundación Casa Rafael

    Fundación Casa Rafael

    Betting on the transforming power of art, Casa Rafael promotes a process of resilience in some 230 children aged 4 to18 years who are exposed to psychosocial risks in a conflictive area of La Boca (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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  • Fundación CasaSan

    Fundación CasaSan

    CasaSan provides 30 ART workshops to 500 children in a situation of maximum vulnerability. And through art, TRANSFORM their reality.

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  • Fundación Empate

    Fundación Empate

    Fundación Empate supports and accompanies the development of people with Down Syndrome through free activities such as futbol, tennis, music, art and trade workshops with job opportunities. Providing tools for social inclusion in all areas.

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  • Fundación Espartanos

    Fundación Espartanos

    We are a non-profit organization that seeks decrease recidivism rate by promoting the integration, socialization and accompaniment of people deprived of their liberty through rugby, education, work and spirituality.

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  • Fundación IWO

    Fundación IWO

    IWO Foundation preserves the largest documentary collection on the history of immigration and the languages of the Jewish people constructing spaces for creativity, the study, intergenerational communication and the encounter between cultures.

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  • Fundación León

    Fundación León

    Tucumán without poverty: We work to reduce poverty and promote inclusion in Tucumán, Argentina.

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  • Fundación Manos Abiertas

    Fundación Manos Abiertas

    In Manos Abiertas we accompany and assist the neediest and most vulnerable, strengthening family ties and community networks.Education, Housing, health, social promotion, spirituality, loneliness

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  • Fundación Nutrir Salta

    Fundación Nutrir Salta

    Fundación Nutrir Salta is an NGO, based in the Province of Salta, which addresses the problem of child malnutrition from a comprehensive perspective, so that all children can display their genetic potential and have equal opportunities. We have 4 centers for the Prevention of Child Malnutrition and Human Promotion, 2 in Salta ...

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