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  • Fundación Nordelta

    Fundación Nordelta

    We are a non-profit organization founded in 2001, aimed at improving quality of life aspects of families living in vulnerable communities in the surroundings of Nordelta city. We develop and offer social programs destined to early childhood, childhood, adolescence and youth segments, under two concepts: Human Development and Com...

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  • Fundación Nutrir Salta

    Fundación Nutrir Salta

    Fundación Nutrir Salta is an NGO, based in the Province of Salta, which addresses the problem of child malnutrition from a comprehensive perspective, so that all children can display their genetic potential and have equal opportunities. We have 4 centers for the Prevention of Child Malnutrition and Human Promotion, 2 in Salta ...

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  • Fundación Reciduca

    Fundación Reciduca

    By the end of 2001, Mr. Ernesto Kritz showed through an investigation performed on districts in the first urban belt of Greater Buenos Aires that over 80,000 people between 18 and 25 years old did not have a high school diploma This implied that they were unable to enter the labor market and, thus, they were excluded from societ...

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  • Fundación Temaikèn

    Fundación Temaikèn

    We work to conserve endangered species and autochthonous ecosystems, developing projects of high value for biodiversity and strengthening social commitment.

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  • GAIA - Asociación Civil

    GAIA - Asociación Civil

    Gaia Association is a non profit association, founded in December 1992. Its founding mission is the promotion of sustainable societies, mainly by creating human settlements based on the practice of Permaculture systems and methods.

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  • ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

    ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

    Engineering Without Borders Argentina is an interdisciplinary civil association that works for the community development of populations in situations of social vulnerability in different parts of the country through the design and implementation of participatory management engineering projects and the generation of alliances bet...

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  • LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & Alimentación

    LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & Alimentación

    We are an NGO that works on three activities: Permaculture, Alimentation and Naturopathy. We connect seekers with specialists, in order to develop, teach and spread ideas, and projects that bring us closer to alternative ways to the challenges of our current life system. We seek to transform these challenges into possibilities, ...

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  • Portal para la Inversión Social en Latinoamérica

    Portal para la Inversión Social en Latinoamérica

    PILAS is your transparent and secure portal to invest in Latin America’s social sector.We have been working with donors for 20 years, helping them reach more than 250 CSOs in Argentina.

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  • Redes Solidarias

    Redes Solidarias

    It Foundation networks solidarity was born thanks to the Association of good wills, beings United to act without purposes of profit as a bridge of helps between them more needy and who can and want to help them. From 1996 carries helps to them communities indigenous isolated of the Chaco salteño in the municipality of Santa Vic...

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  • Solidagro Asociación Civil

    Solidagro Asociación Civil

    Solidagro exists in order to reduce the inequality suffered by rural community people when trying to access development resources.

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