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  • ADC - Asociación por los Derechos Civiles

    ADC - Asociación por los Derechos Civiles

    The Association for Civil Rights (ADC) is a non-partisan and non- profit NGO. It was created in 1995 by a group of lawyers and according to its by-laws, it was established as a non-profit civil entity and domiciled in the City of Buenos Aires.

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  • Amijai Asociación Civil

    Amijai Asociación Civil

    Amijai is a Center for Jewish Spirituality and Culture where the values of the Israeli tradition are promoted from a liberal perspective, where the concept of caring for the body and soul is combined with a plural, modern and spiritual vision.

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  • Asociación Civil Manos en Acción para el Desarrollo Social

    Asociación Civil Manos en Acción para el Desarrollo Social

    We help children and their families in vulnerable situation in Rio Lujan neighbourhood, Buenos Aires, Argentine.

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  • Asociación Civil Maria Del Rosario De San Nicolás

    Asociación Civil Maria Del Rosario De San Nicolás

    We are a civil association that believes in a childhood without violence, neglect or abandonment. We are dedicated to providing a positive life for girls and adolescents who have been victims of family violence, abuse, marginalization, neglect or mistreatment. The girls are referred to the Hogar (Spanish for “Home”) by the N...

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  • Asociación Civil Mocha Celis

    Asociación Civil Mocha Celis

    We are dedicated to promoting equal rights and opportunities for transgender and non-binary people in a comprehensive manner.

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  • Asociación Civil Monte Adentro

    Asociación Civil Monte Adentro

    Monte Adentro has been working since 2015 to achieve equitable social development and revitalize rural culture in the province of Chaco (Argentina) along with its schools, trades, customs and values, promoting family and regional economies.

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  • Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia

    Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia

    Based in Buenos Aires, the Asociacion Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia - ACIJ (Civil Association for Equality and Justice), was established by a group of young lawyers in 2002 in response to Argentina’s severe economic and political crisis in 2001. ACIJ is unique among Argentine civil society organizations in that our missi...

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  • Asociación Civil RESPONDE

    Asociación Civil RESPONDE

    Responde is a Non-Governmental Promotion and Development that has his eye on regional imbalances, migration of villagers to cities that do not contain them, and waste of economic resources, cultural and social conditions in each small town.

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  • Asociación Conciencia

    Asociación Conciencia

    We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit Argentine civil society organization dedicated to provide individuals with the necessary tools to become the architects of their own lives and to transform the reality in which they reside.

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  • Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina - AMIA

    Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina - AMIA

    We seek to promote the well-being and individual, family and institutional development of Jewish life in Argentina, to ensure continuity, sustain the values of our people and strengthen the sense of community. Strengthen the basic principles of democracy and pluralism, promoting a creative coexistence based on the particularitie...

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