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Fundación Escolares
Fundación Escolares

Fundación Escolares

FUNDACIÓN ESCOLARES works with rural primary and high schools (agro-technical), located in very isolated areas with high rates of poverty, financing projects developed by teachers, parents and members of the community to improve educational conditions. It also conducts training workshops for rural teachers. In all its actions it seeks to promote processes of participation and commitment of the educational community to achieve a quality education.


Contribute to sustainable local development promoting the participation of the education community and organizations of the civil society.



  • Strengthen schools management to improve student's integral education as well as their employability in rural areas.

  • Support actions in order to facilitate the articulation among education community, community organizations and local goverments, in order to contribute to a sustainable territorial management.

  • Exert influence on the formulation of education programs and public policies.



 Programme of integral education for sustainable local development

The Programme of integral education for sustainable local development provides financial support to agro-technical schools that aim at enhancing education processes and improving production units where the students from rural an peri-rural areas can acquire a better integral and professional education.

 Rural schools aid programme

The objective of the rural schools aid programme is to improve the conditions in wich school activities take place, financing projects developed by parents, teachers and community members. These projects are oriented to improve school buildings, facilities, libraries, infrastructure and access to internet connection and digital platforms.

 Young rural entrepreneurs

Young rural entrepreneurs is a programme that provides financial support to productive projects developed by last year students of agro-technical shools. The objective of such projects must be to develop or strengthen colletive entrepreneurships that provide possibilities of work, settlement and familya sustainability in rural areas. 

 Information and communication technology programme

The training is carried out through workshops that uses available school resources (know-how, computing equipment and internet connection) and advises on the incorporation of new technologies to improve the integral education. 

 Reading and writing teaching programme

The programme carries out training activities for rural schools teachers in reading and writing teaching. This programme not only provides pedagogical tools but also creates and enhances libraries with childre-young literature and equipment. 


Address: Monseñor Alberti 690 (1642) San Isidro

Telephone: +54 11 4747-5796 secretaria@fundacionescolares.org.ar

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