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Las Lomas Oral
Las Lomas Oral

Las Lomas Oral

The Colegio Las Lomas Oral is an independent, not-for-profit school that provides educational services to children with hearing loss from birth to early elemental years.


To make it possible that hearing-handicapped children handle themselves with confidence and dignity in everyday life, giving them a full education based on an oral-auditory philosophy.


We strive to enable the children to develop language and the hearing capacity that are required for entry into the common school and the subsequent adaptation.


We work on five educational levels, adapted to the age and evolution of each student: Early Intervention, Toddlers, Early Elementary Program, Elementary Program and Mainstreaming.
In addition to the traditional levels, we organize different activities and services that turn teaching and learning into a more dynamic and enjoyable process:

- Drama classes
- Art workshops
- Religion (optional)
- Virtual library

We have a team of devoted specialized teachers and speech-and-language therapists, who are constantly being trained in order to offer our students an integrated and personalized education.

Address: Haiti 866
Telephone: 011 4717-2481 / 0895 / 2436

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  • Program 4: Audiology

    Program 4: Audiology

    We believe that optimal access to sound has a huge impact in terms of rate of progress in children. They are immediately available for trouble-shooting.

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  • Program 3: Elementary Program

    Program 3: Elementary Program

    Our children not only learn to talk, but they also learn all the other subjects that are taught in elementary grades so they can successfully mainstream into schools with hearing children. A major focus is on learning to read because reading provides the foundation for all other learning.

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  • Program 2: Early Elementary Program

    Program 2: Early Elementary Program

    In our early elementary program, communicate starts to be a reality with their first short sentences. Their words give strength to their thoughts and imagination. They also get prepared for elementary school with instructions in reading, math, science, social studies, in addition to programs in art, music and physical education.

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  • Program 1: Early Intervention And Toddlers (0 To 3 Years)

    Program 1: Early Intervention And Toddlers (0 To 3 Years)

    In Early Intervention we provide information and support to parents. We help them learn how to help their child learn to talk. In Toddlers they learn their first words. The Earlier They Get Started, The Faster They Learn to Talk

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