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Manu Ginóbili Foundation
Manu Ginóbili Foundation

Manu Ginóbili Foundation

Manu Ginóbili Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2004. Over time, it has carried out various activities, such as charity events to promote sports, continuous assistance to community dining halls with food and other items (such as clothing, shoes, etc.). It has also donated equipment to public hospitals for matters related to neonatology, etc.

The headquarters of the "Manu Ginóbili" Foundation is located in the city of Bahía Blanca, which has been severely affected by a terrible storm, leaving hundreds of houses destroyed, without electricity, and without drinkable water.

At this moment, a group of sports and cultural leaders from Bahía Blanca have joined forces to carry out a solidarity campaign for those affected. Among them are Manu Ginóbili, Pepe Sánchez, Lautaro Martínez, Germán Pezzella, Abel Pintos, Agustín “Rada” Aristarán, Gastón Duprat, Alejandro Montecchia, the siblings Guido and Catalina Pella, Valentina Costa Biondi, Rodrigo Palacio, Santiago Álvarez Fourcade, and Paula Eyheraguibel. The campaign is known as #FuerzaBahía.

Through their actions, they aim to be the bridge to channel and manage donations that seek to alleviate in some way the urgent and essential needs of those affected by the storm.

100% of the funds raised will be allocated to those affected by the storm.


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