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Fundación Observatorio Social
Fundación Observatorio Social

Fundación Observatorio Social

The Social Observatory Civil Association was created in 1999, with the purpose of supporting the public sector to improve the administration of its social programs and advising companies and civil society organizations to solve problems related to social issues.Since then, we have worked in several Latin American countries, in Argentine provinces and municipalities; advising to identify demands, define priorities, develop social plans and evaluate impacts; training officials and technical teams; designing novel programs to address specific social problems.On July 26, 2012, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN) granted the Civil Association Social Observatory special consultative status, upon the direct recommendation of the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations.

MISSION: Our mission is to support the public sector to improve the administration of its social programs; as well as advising companies and civil society organizations to solve problems related to social issues.


*Caring for Those Who Care
-Objective: To provide nurses and female assistants from health institutions with conceptual, practical and effective tools that make it possible to treat the effects of burnout produced by covid 19.
-Description: Biweekly virtual groups, coordinated by 2 professionals. Groups of 2 hours, and 25 members each. In them, the difficulties of professional stress are elaborated and they are trained to reply.
-Target population: Nurses and female assistants, from public health institutions, who assist patients with covid 19, in public hospitals.
-Where takes place: National Scope.

*"Count my time, in these times"
-Objective: Call for young people from 13 to 22 years old, to present artistic pieces of their own. Basic topics: ideas, feelings and experiences of the social reality that live due to the health emergency.
-Description: Call for young people, so that they can make their voice, ideas and thoughts visible. Dissemination, reception, admission and selection of works. Awards and dissemination of the selected and awarded works.
-Target population: Young people between 13 and 22 years old,resident in Argentina.
-Where takes place: National Scope.

*PLAN Arrive Before
-Objective: It is a comprehensive social development plan based on a model of family support and community strengthening. Develops social synergies through creative and sustainable methods.
-Description: A coordinator per family articulates the existing community resources, with the emergent needs in each family nucleus. It works by articulating the public, the community and the private.
-Target population: Vulnerable families in localities, neighborhoods or settlements in that condition.
-Where takes place: National Scope.

*Coping with changes due to the Covid 19 pandemic
-Objective: Objective Interrelate relevant people on the subject of the effects of the pandemic on families, their communities, professional practices and social interventions.
-Description: Seminars to listen to specialists and discuss the problems faced by public officials, in order to design intervention strategies and establish exchange networks.
-Target population: Families and communities from vulnerable sectors throughout the country.
-Where takes place: National Scope.

Address: Avenida de Mayo 1437. 4º piso G - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Phone: 4384-6125

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