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ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina
ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

Engineering Without Borders Argentina is an interdisciplinary civil association that works for the community development of populations in situations of social vulnerability in different parts of the country through the design and implementation of participatory management engineering projects and the generation of alliances between different participants. At the same time, it seeks to influence the training of agents of change through training and volunteer programs as well as systematizing and sharing experiences and knowledge.


-To help build a fair, inclusive, and supportive society by developing comprehensive technology-based projects.

-To promote sustainable, human-development-oriented engineering as well as the fulfillment of human rights, the protection of nature, and the strengthening of deprived and vulnerable communities.

-To foster an environment which integrates diversity and encourages citizen involvement.


Community Development

This program encompasses different water access projects in isolated rural communities that do not have access to drinking water where the ground water tables have a high content of nitrate and arsenic. There, rainwater harvesting and storage systems are implemented that facilitate access to water for human consumption. In addition, there are projects that seek to facilitate mobility in communities and neighborhoods that are isolated, either due to geographic or climatic issues, through the construction of bridges and accesses. All projects are based on a participatory management methodology involving residents in construction, as well as municipalities and national and sub-national public organizations.

Strengthening of Social Organizations

This program seeks to accompany the territorial-based work of social organizations through community infrastructure projects such as the construction of community rooms or building expansions.It includes, for example, working with projects oriented to the compliance of children and young adults’ rights.In addition to building construction, this program provides technical advice for the organizational development of the addressed institutions.

Education and Impact

This program has two main lines of work. On one side, it seeks to impact on the professional training through extension and postgraduate courses together with universities and through internal training for EWB-Ar volunteers.  We also include here initiatives oriented to the production of knowledge, especially of investigation - action. On the other side, we carry out activities of training in trades through practices strongly oriented to gender equality and promoting the inclusion of women in technical work, and to sustainability, as in the case of renewable energies. 

Phone: 11-5624-8347.
Address: Medrano 1622 - Dto. 5 (CABA). 

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