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CIPPEC - Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento
CIPPEC - Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento

CIPPEC - Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento

CIPPEC is an independent nonprofit organization that works on better building public policies.We promote policies that would make Argentina more developed, more equal, with the same opportunities for all and solid and efficient public institutions. We want a fair, democratic and inclusive society, where everyone has the possibility to grow.


CIPPEC works to promote a just, democratic and efficient State that improves the quality of life for all Argentine citizens.


CIPPEC envisions a developed Argentina, with an equitable distribution of income, equal opportunities, solid and efficient public institutions. The organization aims to consolidate a just, democratic society, open to the world, in which all people can develop in freedom.


Honesty. Reliability. Leadership. Team-work. Public calling.


Working towards a State capable of responding to the needs of its citizens, by promoting the implementation of best practices in the pubic sector and the development of more and better professionals with a public calling. 

Developing and disseminating tools allowing civil society to increase its capacity to participate in public policies.

Serving as a permanent source regarding public policies and contributing to the public debate with innovative proposals to improve public policies and the well-being of society. 

Carrying out investigation projects that complement the work of other centres of study and that aim at comprehending and solving the fundamental problems of Argentine reality.



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  • Argentine Electoral Observatory (OEAR)

    Argentine Electoral Observatory (OEAR)

    The Argentine Electoral Observatory promotes the gathering, generation, and dissemination of systematized information on the systems, processes and electoral rules in force at the national level and in the 24 districts of the country. We seek to promote an informed and open debate on the changes that are required to improve equity in electoral competition in Argentina and produce periodic analyses aimed at contributing to improvements in the design of and overall electoral processes. Through this and the initiative “Argentina Elije”, we hope to promote the discussion of electoral reforms, putting the focus on the right to vote and be elected, transparency, fairness, and representativeness, in order to improve electoral processes and increase public confidence in elections. http://argentinaelige.org/

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  • Transparency and Integrity in Public Enterprises

    Transparency and Integrity in Public Enterprises

    State-owned enterprises constitute a proportion of the national budget and are regulated by guidelines of access to information. However, the vast majority do not meet these standards. CIPPEC works to improve the transparency and integrity of applied research, dialogue with the different actors of the institutional political system of public enterprises and exchange of experiences and perspectives in the implementation of these practices. We seek to construct a shared methodology of how to provide more information and prevent corruption. https://www.cippec.org/publicacion/radiografia-de-las-empresas-publicas/

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  • ImPPACTO: Independent Evaluations

    ImPPACTO: Independent Evaluations

    Since 2011, we have collaborated with different levels of the government (local, provincial and national) in conducting independent and external evaluations of government policies, plans and programs, as well as civil society institutions. We contribute to the strengthening of institutions and evaluation systems in order to move toward a national evaluation policy in Argentina. We seek to develop the capacities of policy decision-makers on the evaluation, generation and use of evidence, generate an institutional context for evaluation, and strengthen monitoring and evaluation institutions (M&E).

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  • Fiscal Institutions for Development

    Fiscal Institutions for Development

    The Argentine tax system presents problems involving the current scheme of governmental distributions and resulting distortions in distribution. We seek to promote a comprehensive tax reform that balances the current scheme by strengthening the income tax, extending its tax base and revising exemptions, evaluating the totality of the regional and sectorial promotional systems. The objective of this project is to position in the public agenda proposals for the integral reform of the federal tax system, which contribute to the equitable growth of Argentina.

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  • Future of Work

    Future of Work

    Within the framework of the Think20 (20), we want to contribute to the understanding of the productive structure and employment in Argentina, its potential for development and new risks associated with technology. In the last decade, the dissemination of ICT ideas throughout sectors and productive processes gave rise to an acceleration in the technological change of such magnitude that many point out that a new industrial revolution has begun. However, industry 4.0 is in a nascent stage, opening a window of opportunity for emerging countries. With proper policies and the right incentives, lagging economies can take advantage of this window for development.

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  • Comprehensive Habitat Plan

    Comprehensive Habitat Plan

    Argentine cities are growing erratically. Through its newly created Digital Urban Laboratory, CIPPEC works to promote the Habitat Agenda in Argentina, which contributes to the transformation of urban legislation, urban housing policies in effect in Argentina and the institutional organization of the actors that articulate the issues of the habitat. In this context, the project index of quality of urban growth of the Argentine Great Urban Agglomerations (GAUs) aims to understand the growth of the main cities of the country and the relationship between this phenomenon and urban policies.

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  • Women in the Job Market: A Debt and an Opportunity

    Women in the Job Market: A Debt and an Opportunity

    This project aims to investigate the economic benefits of closing the gender gap that is characteristic of the labour market today. By prioritizing policies aimed at ensuring labour inclusion and political representation of women, it promotes participation of women in public life. In addition, the project seeks to accelerate female participation in public sector management positions, mainstreaming a gendered perspective into the design of post-maternity leave childcare policy, and boosting employment policies that have the greatest potential to shrink the gender gap.

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  • Early Childhood. Our First Priority

    Early Childhood. Our First Priority

    CIPPEC works to strengthen public policies on early childhood and to equip decision makers with the tools to address it. The goal is to consolidate a set of practices around early childhood policy financing and follow up on the goals and indexes of ODS linked to early childhood in order to identify existing gaps and make policy recommendations. http://cippec.org/primerainfancia

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  • Learning Communities

    Learning Communities

    Is a proposal for social and cultural transformation, centered on the conversational perspective of learning, which begins at school and extends to one's environment.

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  • High School Reforms

    High School Reforms

    We want to install in the public agenda the need to plan the implementation of reforms at the high school level, with specific emphasis on the challenges around curriculum and careers in education.

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