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Throughout June

Under the motto "Seeing ourselves. Finding ourselves. Helping each other", Caritas Argentina carries out its traditional Annual Fundraising in June to support those in need. Contributions, which can be made electronically, will help sustain the programs that Caritas implements throughout the country, providing assistance to the growing demand from millions of Argentinians living in poverty and destitution.

This year's collection takes place in a particularly challenging socio-economic context, with a poverty rate affecting 43.1% of the population and an indigence rate (unmet basic needs) reaching 8.1%. The loss of purchasing power, lack of employment, and limited opportunities increasingly worsen the precarious situation of the most vulnerable sectors.

With over 40,000 volunteers and around 3,500 teams, Caritas is an organization present in all parishes and the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Argentina. The proceeds from the Annual Collection enable the organization to address urgent needs and support numerous projects related to productive microenterprises, self-consumption initiatives, job training, educational inclusion, community-based addiction support, early childhood care, housing improvement, civic integration, comprehensive community care centers, maternal nurseries, and more.

We invite you to donate to the programs of Cáritas Argentina.


For more information about Caritas' collection, visit:

Colecta 2023 (inicio) – Cáritas Argentina (caritas.org.ar)