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Monetary poverty in childhood and adolescence in Argentina

In Argentina 29.7% of people are in poverty.

In Argentina 29.7% of people are in poverty.

However, when we focus on homes where they live, children and adolescents the percentage amounts to 47.7% (18 percentage points more than the poverty in general) 2. This difference shows the highest incidence of poverty in childhood and adolescence, due to the greater relative size of low-income households and the high number of children living in them. Extreme poverty, in turn, affects of 10.8% of children and adolescents in the country, to 5.6% of the general population.

These percentages mean millions of people. In absolute terms in Argentina around 5.6 million poor children, of which 1.3 million are living in extreme poverty, i.e. who reside in households whose income is insufficient to purchase a basket of alimentos.3 this market basket is different from the so-called "basket total", which includes non-food, equally essential and basic goods for the social reproduction. It is segmented population of children in three large age groups shows that the higher incidence of poverty is checked for the Group of 13 to 17 years (51%), followed by the Group of 5-12 (48%) and 0 to 4 years (45%).

The full report: