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  • Asociación Civil Conciencia

    Asociación Civil Conciencia

    Asociación Conciencia is a non-partisan civil association aimed to educate and inform citizens about the importance of participation in democracy, fostering education in young people values, and also developing the net working.

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  • Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina

    Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina

    AMIA is a centennial organization whose actions are driven by the notions of inclusion and pluralism in Argentinean society, takes on the challenge of working towards continuous improvement. It aims at increasing the impact and results of its actions through a dynamic and innovative approach.Its first activity focused on develop...

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  • Association for the rights civil-ADC

    Association for the rights civil-ADC

    The Association for Civil Rights (ADC) is a non-partisan and non- profit NGO. It was created in 1995 by a group of lawyers and according to its by-laws, it was established as a non-profit civil entity and domiciled in the City of Buenos Aires.

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  • Fundación Franciscana

    Fundación Franciscana

    The encounter with the other: we believe in people. We create community, working in dialogue, closeness and commitment to each other. The Foundation creates growth opportunities for all.A comprehensive quality service: we value education and quality of service. The comprehensive approach includes projects that offer social promo...

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  • Fundación León

    Fundación León

    To live 100 years. Created in 2003, Fundación León is a tribute to Mr. León Feler, an Argentine entrepreneur who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. In the 70s, Don León started to volunteer anonymously in one of the public hospitals of Tucumán, Argentina. Fundación León seeks to spread and promote Feler’s life exam...

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  • Fundación Pro Alvear

    Fundación Pro Alvear

    Foundation Pro-Alvear was born in the year 2003 through the creation of a center of training community in Mayor Alvear, today have arrived to 38 locations and accompanied to 45 institutions, "with a clear vocation of get with message sound to all the province of the Pampa".

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  • HelpArgentina


    HelpArgentina is a nonprofit organization that promotes international social investment in Argentina since 2003. Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits that work to create a social change in Argentina, by increasing confidence in the Argentina social sector and promoting the culture of giving among the inhabitants of our natio...

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  • Nuestras Huellas

    Nuestras Huellas

    “Nuestras Huellas” is a not-for-profit organisation, which has been working within the suburban communities to the north of Greater Buenos Aires since 2007, establishing and strengthening a socially shared economy in these areas.“Nuestras Huellas” has learnt that when people are linked through these sharing mechanisms i...

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  • Redes Solidarias

    Redes Solidarias

    It Foundation networks solidarity was born thanks to the Association of good wills, beings United to act without purposes of profit as a bridge of helps between them more needy and who can and want to help them. From 1996 carries helps to them communities indigenous isolated of the Chaco salteño in the municipality of Santa Vic...

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  • Responde


    Responde is a Non-Governmental Promotion and Development that has his eye on regional imbalances, migration of villagers to cities that do not contain them, and waste of economic resources, cultural and social conditions in each small town.

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