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  • ALPI


    ALPI provides rehabilitation, recovery and reintegration into society for people with disabilities, related to motor skills.

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  • Asoc Cooperadora del Hospital de Niños Dr Ricardo Gutiérrez

    Asoc Cooperadora del Hospital de Niños Dr Ricardo Gutiérrez

    Since our origin, our goal is to help the hospital to acquire medicines, medical devices and advanced equipment, essential for the best child care technology.Also we pay social benefits for the treatment of patients, which continues once patients are discharged so that they can continue with the treatment.

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  • Asociación Civil Conciencia

    Asociación Civil Conciencia

    Asociación Conciencia is a non-partisan civil association aimed to educate and inform citizens about the importance of participation in democracy, fostering education in young people values, and also developing the net working.

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  • Asociación Civil Maria Del Rosario De San Nicolás

    Asociación Civil Maria Del Rosario De San Nicolás

    We are a civil association that believes in a childhood without violence, neglect or abandonment. We are dedicated to providing a positive life for girls and adolescents who have been victims of family violence, abuse, marginalization, neglect or mistreatment. The girls are referred to the Hogar (Spanish for “Home”) by the N...

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  • Asociación Civil Por los Chicos

    Asociación Civil Por los Chicos

    We work to improve the standard of living of impoverished children in Argentina.To achieve our goals we developed the follofing programs:- Grow- Assistance at community kitchens

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    ACAS is an organization that builds schools in the border areas of Argentina and provides them with permanent assistance in the form of scholarships, donations and education and health promotion campaigns. The 25 clubs which integrate ACAS also organize solidarity actions in their respective communities.

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  • Centro de Integración Libre y Solidario de Argentina (CILSA)

    Centro de Integración Libre y Solidario de Argentina (CILSA)

    CILSA`s main purpose is to promote the full inclusion of people from marginalized sectors of society, such as children and adolescents in a vulnerable situation, and people with disabilities.

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    CONIN was founded in 1993, Mendoza, Argentina, by Dr. Abel Albino.

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  • Cooperadora de Accion Social (COAS)

    Cooperadora de Accion Social (COAS)

    COAS, Cooperative Social Action is a joint action force, which results in direct aid to the 34 public hospitals and the SAME. Collaborates with the purchase of medical appliances of last generation. It works for patients to receive medical care in time and quality

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  • FLEXER (Fundación Natali Dafne Flexer)

    FLEXER (Fundación Natali Dafne Flexer)

    The Fundación Flexer seeks that children with cancer can access adequate treatment and maintain the highest possible quality of life regardless of their socioeconomic condition or where they live.

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